Region around centre of Považská Bystrica has a long tradition of mechanical & automotive engineering. From the past to the present, companies of this region produce products of the highest technical level. 

Company R & D MOLD MACHINING is a medium, still growing company, which operates in the engineering and automotive industry. Activity is focused on the production of precision parts intended for further use in the automotive, energy, manufacturing and marginally food industries.

Production range are manufacturing and design of tools & parts for composite production, injection moulding, spare parts, die tool components, measure clamping for dimensions quality check and in generally precision mechanical parts for many of world knowns companies like Bentley, Porsche, BMW, Jaguar, Boeing and others.

The strengths of the company are experiences in this field, stability of customers, a good financial position and accent on quality production. Company was established in 2008 like a start-up company.