TOOLING (Proto/Serial)

We are top quality tool maker for many industries like Automotive, Electrical, Energy, Food Processing. We offer whole process from concept-design and manufacturing to trialing for molds & jigs in:

-Plastic injection
-Carbon (composite) production
-RTM technology

We also cover procedure of FOT and trialing for plastic and carbon parts. We are able to manufacture jigs for measure in automotive standards.

Service Description
Mold design 4 internal designers, SolidWorks Plastic, Moldex 3D (mold flow) software
Mold manufacturingManufacturing molds until 5t of weight, 12 pcs of CNC milling machines, 5 pcs of EDM machines, Grinding, Welding, Laser marking, Fitting services, Possibility of graining application
Mold trialing & mass production of plastic partsMachines till 250t and mold size max. 1.20×0.8m
MeasureMeasuring of parts by 3D CMM or laser scanning
Mold servicesQuick repairing & modification
Other servicesMeasure fixtures, Fixtures for painting, Bonding fixtures