Hursan 200T (2m x 1m) – Automation system – pressure control, stroke control, time control, hydraulic oil temperature control, mould memory (200 unit), workmeter, graph record.

Temperature, Pressure, Stroke and Time Graphs will be stored in automation system of Press Machine.

Although autoclaving is the manufacturing process used for almost all the polymeric composite parts utilized in aerospace field, in our days, the economic situation requires solutions that will be more affordable than the conventional autoclave processing without sacrificing quality. Efforts are made to manufacture materials of the same quality but with less expensive methods such as vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM), resin infusion techniques and resin transfer molding (RTM) techniques.

Ram Table Force Capacity –  200 Tons

Ram Table Usefull Area – 2000×1000 mm (Hot)

Distance Between Tables (Max) – 1500 mm

Max Mould Weight 15 Tons Max Upper Mould Weight 7,5 Tons


a) Pressure Control

b) Stroke Control

c) Time Control

d) Hydraulic Oil Temperature Control

e) Mould Memory Number (200 Unit)

f) Workmeter on LCD Touchscreen.

g) Graph Record (8 pcs temperature record from 2 pcs of tools)