We offer our engineering and production capacity for customer’s tools modifications. We can realize modification or repairing in very short time. We have all services in house: CAD/CAM, 5axis milling, EDM machines, Welding, Polishing, 3D&Probe CMM scanning, 3D Laser engraving.

Design services-3 internal designers only for modifications and repairing -CAM support for all production technologies -possibility to use internal secure data exchange system -possibility to open or store data into many common 3D&2D file formats -revision controlling
EDM machining-EDM cutting (2 machines) -max. part size 1000x550x310mm -EDM die sinker (3 machines) -max. part size 1600x800x600mm
Grinding-surface grinding machines -rotation parts grinding
Laser markingPossibility of marking & engraving parts -change marking -new logos
Sand blasting & surface grainingBlasting with different fractions -possibility to apply various of surface graining (some in cooperation) -repairing of graining
CNC machining-3-5 axis CNC milling (12 machines) -max. part size 2600x1600x800mm -6 axis turning (2 machines) -max. part size D550x700mm