We offer products and services for further use in numbers of industry sector. We can use range of our technologies to produce high quality products from standard material like steel, stainless steel , aluminum, plastic and also from very modern composites material.

We offer standard industry solutions based on aluminum, steel or casting  machining. We have wide range of high effective production technologies:
– 3-5 Axis CNC machines (max. part size 2800x1600x1000mm)
-EDM progressive CNC machines  (1800x990x650mm)

-possibility to make medium size assemblies or sub-assemblies

The benefits of advanced composite materials are being seen and understood by an ever-increasing number of industry sectors. Sectors that have traditionally used steel or aluminum structures are turning to composites for the competitive advantage. Composites are finding their way onto building structures, platforms, surfboards, truck cabs, robotic arms and others.

Composites offer:

  • Reduced structural weight
  • Optimisation of mechanical properties
  • High durability, reduced replacement costs
  • Corrosion resistance, minimum maintenance
  • Ease of moulding