Plastic pressing

We can ensure plastic production by molding in smaller capacities using our injection molding machines. We can also verify the mold after its production and cover small-scale plastic molding production according to your requirements.

"Besides comprehensive mold production for plastic injection, we can also cover their molding."

For Mold Functionality Verification

We Produce Test Castings

Part of the mold production process under our management includes making test castings. The procedure allows us to declare that the mold will produce outputs with the required parameters in production. Plastic molding is a correctness test, and with subsequent measurements in the measuring center, it’s also a guarantee that the mold meets all the requirements according to the documentation.

We Produce Molds and Castings

Small Series Plastic Molding

We can also produce molds for plastic injection or prototype molds and cover the final production of plastic parts. In terms of production technologies, this is intended more for small-scale production. Clients also use our plastic molding services when specialized operator supervision is needed during production or when production by an external supplier (under their conditions) in small volumes is not cost-effective for them. This service is also ideal for cases with a frequent risk of mold failure during production.

What Can We Produce?

Injection Molds

We manufacture plastic injection molding molds, including single-cavity or efficient multi-cavity molds, high runners, molds for technical plastics, and visual parts with a high gloss effect. We can produce injection molds using waste-free technology or by creating recyclable waste for smaller series of products. Our product portfolio even includes multicompartment molds for products requiring a combination of surfaces, materials, etc.

Prototype Molds

We can ensure the production of prototype molds according to your requirements, for example, small-scale production, intermediate part production, pilot trial mold production, or verification of product parameters.

Carbon Molds

Our specialty is producing molds for composites. In a comprehensive range, we can cover the related services for carbon part mold production, sample creation from the mold, and even final production in cooperation with the R&D COMPOSITE division.

Fixture Production

We are happy to provide measuring fixtures for evaluating critical parameters in part production, post-process fixtures for the final production phase, and special vibration, light, and similar fixtures as part of our services.

Engineering Products

We provide production and related services for a wide range of products. Examples include tools, components and parts, devices, spare parts, robotics, or parts for the automotive and other industries.