Engineering Products

According to the supplied documentation, we can manufacture special engineering products, emphasizing the product’s unique properties or surface finish. Our combination of advanced technologies and our expert team is why we are sought after by international clients.

"We manufacture engineering products for use in the food processing, manufacturing, arms, and many other industries."

Types of Engineering Products

Special Machines

We manufacture special machining, pressing, assembling, or packaging machines based on specific requirements tailored to the machine’s application.

Components and Parts

Precision valves, pumps, gearboxes, or electronic parts, such as unique machine products, are supplied as part of a specific product, mechanism, device, or system.

Construction Parts

Our orders also include construction projects, such as parts of heavy machinery, elevators, and engineering structures that must be custom-made.

Special Devices

We manufacture technical systems, components, and devices for aeronautics, space, military, or scientific research and applications that require a unique approach.

Automotive Parts

Based on orders, we manufacture parts for the automotive industry that differ from standard components used in car construction.

Robotics Components

We provide parts and solutions for automating and robotizing production. Examples include customized robots, handling parts, and unique control systems.

Production Solutions

As needed, we create comprehensive solutions tailored to specific production tasks such as welding, assembly, or other material processing.

Spare Parts

We can manufacture spare parts and components for molds from our and outside our production and ensure mold maintenance, thus keeping operations running with minimal impact on production.

Finding the Most Efficient Solution

Combining Experts and Advanced Technologies

In manufacturing engineering products, we rely on two decisive elements. Our highly specialized and modern technological equipment allows us to turn design into reality.

However, the ace up our sleeve is our team of experts within our CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) team—engineers, programmers, technicians, and specialists who can efficiently carry out the production from the client’s perspective. This group implements and executes technologies to automate and optimize production processes for a specific engineering product, minimizing costs and shortening the timeframe until final production.

The product is then verified in our internal measuring center, ensuring you receive a detailed report that verifies that it conforms to the documentation.

"With a strong CAM team of experts, we can find a way to produce the product in the highest quality as quickly as possible with the lowest costs."

Services for Engineering Products

Product Manufacturing

Within our technological infrastructure, we ensure the comprehensive manufacturing of engineering products. Specialists within our CAM team work closely together so that you ultimately receive a product according to documentation in a way that saves costs and time on its production.

Thermal and Surface Treatments of the Product

Within the manufacturing process, we also ensure the required modifications of the engineering product, which we can again provide within our technological range. Examples include surface treatment or the entire volume by hardening, various coatings, etc.

Product Verification

After manufacturing the product, we also provide its precise specialized measurement in a professional measuring center. This accuracy test ensures that the product matches the supplied documentation and design for its production.

Spare Components, Adjustment, and Maintenance

The product’s delivery continues beyond our cooperation. At R&D MOLD MACHINING, we can provide components and spare parts if needed.