Comprehensive Services

We offer a complete portfolio of services for mold, fixtures, and product presentation – from feasibility studies through engineering to warranty and maintenance services after production ends. Entrust your project to hands that free yours.

"We developed the scope of our services to offer our clients more. We can relieve you of the tasks associated with mold production."

Engineering services

Our rich spectrum of engineering services will help you get answers to all questions related to mold production in one place. Our engineers will guide you through the entire production process, from consultation to part production feasibility, mold flow analysis, and even the possibility of reverse engineering.

Mold production

The entire mold production process involves several hidden operations. At R&D MOLD MACHINING, we have automated and covered these operations as much as possible for our partners, ensuring a smooth production process. Behind it, all are fine-tuned process steps combined with efficient planning.

Maintenance and modification of molds

After production ends, we are always ready to intervene if you need additional mold modifications. Within the warranty terms, and even after they expire, we resolve the necessary mold maintenance and repair in case of damage.

Plastic pressing

If you’re looking for a partner to produce parts in limited quantities, we’re happy to lend a helping hand. Within our tool shop, we can verify products from our molds and even ensure small-scale production of plastic parts.