Products from Our Production

We manufacture molds for producing plastic and carbon parts of the highest quality. You are in the right place if you are looking for a reliable partner to make molds, fixtures, or engineering products.

"We know the solutions and have proven processes that make mold production under our direction the most efficient."

Injection Molds

We produce molds for plastic injection using the latest technologies. Thanks to efficiently set production processes, from design through engineering services to post-production care, we optimize both time and budget for mold production.

Carbon Molds

We specialize in the production of molds for carbon parts. In addition, we can provide the actual production of composite parts or carbon molds designed for carbon production. Along with the mold, we provide instructions for its use and comprehensive engineering services throughout production.

Prototype Molds

We are happy to provide prototype mold production if you need quick part development or to produce a smaller quantity of products with lower initial costs. Of course, this comes with all the services to guide you smoothly through the entire process with consideration for a limited time.

Special and Measuring Fixtures

We produce measuring fixtures, which allow us to optimize the processes of measuring, testing, and evaluating plastic castings and carbon parts. We can also effortlessly make post-process fixtures that can improve parts’ properties after production.

Engineering Products

For unique engineering products from our production, consider the product’s unique properties, such as unconventional surface finishes. We supply engineering products for various applications – from the food to the arms industry.