Maintenance and modification of molds

Besides warranty maintenance of molds from our production, we have everything needed for potential mold modifications or their repair. Our technological equipment and know-how can remove a thorn from your side in situations where every minute counts.

"We'll modify, repair, or maintain your mold so you can resume full production."

Warranty and Post-Warranty Service

We provide mold maintenance

Maintenance is crucial for ensuring optimal production operation. Therefore, after a certain number of production cycles, we provide comprehensive maintenance and inspection of the mold. We perform maintenance on molds from our production within warranty terms and on molds and devices from other productions that require it due to wear. We manage the maintenance process with minimal interruptions to your production process.

Mold Optimization

We modify molds as needed

If your mold needs more work for plastics or composites production, we’ll modify it to ensure part production meets the required parameters. This need could include changing the counterpart, adjusting product parameters, or any other production change leading to unsatisfactory product qualities. Our experts will provide complete engineering services to make mold modification as efficient as possible without causing significant complications in your production plan. We modify molds and products from our production and molds from other manufacturers.

How does mold modification work?

We Adjust the Data

Initially, we must intervene in the data required for mold production. We will adjust all necessary information to introduce any new mold revisions. This step is essential for any further modification or repair of the mold.

We Verify the Actual Mold

For molds from other manufacturers, we verify the mold’s actual condition and parameters using reverse engineering approaches. We compare these with the provided documentation to ensure the problem isn’t due to discrepancies with the actual state.

We Physically Modify the Mold

Based on the designed changes, we modify the mold using the latest technologies, using new or modified parts, allowing the production of parts according to new requirements.

We Check the Mold and Close the Revision Status

After agreeing with the client, we will provide control outputs of new parts from the modified mold to verify the achieved goal. We record all changes to the modified mold in the documentation and provide the necessary measuring protocols and 3D data.

"After a successful mold modification, we conclude the revision with comprehensive 2D or 3D data to save time and production costs on further interventions."

We Are Ready for Escalation Interventions

We'll Solve Mold Repairs

Sometimes, situations require quick and immediate intervention. When production stops and minutes turn into hours, we have a backup plan. Our escalation team is ready to solve mold crashes as quickly as possible to minimize damages caused by production halts. Once we assess the condition and extent of the damage (e.g., due to stress, overload, unexpected accidents, etc.), we’ll find the most efficient solution to restore the mold with our experts and technological base.

Technology and Equipment

Research and Development

An internal team of designers and programmers,

Utilizing SolidWorks for part and tool design,

Moldex3D for mold flow simulations,

SolidCAM software.

CNC Machining

3-5-axis CNC milling (15 machines), max. part size 2600x1600x800mm,

6-axis CNC turning (2 machines), max. part size D500x700mm,

High-speed CNC machine with graphite electrode.

EDM Machining

EDM cutting (2 machines), max. part size 1000x550x310mm,

EDM die sinker (3 machines), max. part size 1600x800x600mm.


Surface grinding machines,

Rotary part grinding.

Laser Welding and Marking

Capabilities for laser welding, marking, and engraving parts.

Testing Molds and Mass Production of Plastic Parts

Machines up to 250t and maximum mold size 1.2×0.8m.

Measurement and Quality

3D CMM machines (3 units), max. part size 1500x1000x800mm,

3D laser scanning (accuracy 0.008mm),

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Services for Molds

Quick repair and modification.

Additional Services

Measuring fixtures, painting fixtures, adhesive fixtures, and more.

What Can We Produce?

Injection Molds

We manufacture plastic injection molding molds, including single-cavity or efficient multi-cavity molds, high runners, molds for technical plastics, and visual parts with a high gloss effect. We can produce injection molds using waste-free technology or by creating recyclable waste for smaller series of products. Our product portfolio even includes multicompartment molds for products requiring a combination of surfaces, materials, etc.

Prototype Molds

We can ensure the production of prototype molds according to your requirements, for example, small-scale production, intermediate part production, pilot trial mold production, or verification of product parameters.

Carbon Molds

Our specialty is producing molds for composites. In a comprehensive range, we can cover the related services for carbon part mold production, sample creation from the mold, and even final production in cooperation with the R&D COMPOSITE division.

Fixture Production

We are happy to provide measuring fixtures for evaluating critical parameters in part production, post-process fixtures for the final production phase, and special vibration, light, and similar fixtures as part of our services.

Engineering Products

We provide production and related services for a wide range of products. Examples include tools, components and parts, devices, spare parts, robotics, or parts for the automotive and other industries.