We are specialists in  mold manufacturing

Entrust the production, modification, or repair of molds for plastic injection or carbon parts manufacturing to experts. At R&D MOLD MACHINING, we provide comprehensive services that save you valuable time and budget on your project.

Our services

We offer a full range of services for mold production, tools, and products – from feasibility studies through engineering to warranty and maintenance services after production ends.

Engineering services

Our extensive range of engineering services will help you find answers to all questions related to mold production in one place.

Mold production

The entire mold production process involves many inconspicuous operations.

Maintenance and modification of molds

After production ends, we are always ready to intervene if you need additional mold modifications.

Plastic pressing

If you're looking for a partner to manufacture parts in limited quantities, we're happy to help.

"We know the solutions and have proven processes that make mold production under our direction the most efficient."

Without further worries and expenses

We comprehensively cover the production of molds and components

The combination of experienced professionals and modern technologies is why we can ensure the entire mold creation process is faster, less costly, and more efficient. We take care of mold design, expert engineering, mold production, testing, maintenance, modification, and sampling on our own. In the pre-production phase, we verify the feasibility of the solution, saving you further expenses. Ultimately, we also provide post-production services, sometimes even plastic pressing.

Companies around the world trust us

We carry out projects for the automotive, aerospace, engineering, and other industries

R&D MOLD MACHINING supplies molds, tools, and engineering products to several industrial sectors. Our experience and well-tuned processes have crossed the borders of Slovakia, and so today, customers from all over Europe and even the world turn to our production and services. Besides mold implementations, we can process engineering products and plastic castings in limited quantities and ensure the production of carbon parts in the R&D COMPOSITE division. We do not shy away from complex projects within the high-end sector.

Why entrust us with mold production?

We handle production comprehensively

Connecting services and technologies

We have specialized equipment

We deploy teams of experts

We look for efficient solutions

We adhere to the plan and deadlines

From START-UP to leading manufacturers

About us

R&D MOLD MACHINING began its operations in the engineering and automotive industry in 2008 as a start-up. After over a decade, we have become significant players in the market and have been turned to by many prominent foreign clients (such as Bentley, Porsche, BMW, Jaguar, Boeing, and other well-known brands). We can offer our clients in the automotive, engineering, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries a comprehensive range of services and an enormous production scope. Besides producing molds for plastic injection, we specialize in manufacturing molds for carbon, prototype molds, engineering products, and even special tools.

How does cooperation with us work?

First contact

Reach out to us with your requirements for mold production.


We will verify if the production of the final cast/part is feasible.

Mold production

We design and manufacture the mold according to project documentation.

Verification of success

We confirm whether the technology for which we designed the mold has delivered the expected product.

Mold delivery

We deliver the manufactured mold to you along with a bonus – a guide to its use.

Part production

We can ensure the production of composites or castings (in limited quantities).


If needed – repairs, modifications, or mold maintenance- we are here for you at any time.

Latest news and trends

Stay informed

Always be informed about the latest news, breakthrough innovations, and significant events in our area of operation.

Our Selected Partners

Check out the prestigious companies and brands with which we closely collaborate and who trust our expertise and quality.

Client Recommendations

"Collaborating with R&D MOLD MACHINING was vital for us in implementing innovative solutions in the production of our vehicles. Their expertise in producing precise parts and tools significantly improved the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing processes. We recommend them for their professionalism, flexibility, and constant focus on quality.

Recommendation from an Automotive Industry Client

"R&D MOLD MACHINING provided us with tools and components precisely designed according to our specifications and needs. Their ability to solve complex technical challenges and deliver high-quality products on time is invaluable. Their approach to innovation and attention to detail sets them apart from others in the industry."

Recommendation from an Energy Sector Client

"As authorities in the food industry, we have always looked for partners who understand our high standards for quality and safety. R&D MOLD MACHINING delivers products that precisely meet our needs and are manufactured with the highest precision. Their reliability, expertise, and ability to quickly adapt to changing requirements convinced us they are our right partner."

Recommendation from a Food Industry Client