Modern technologies, progress and properly adjusted production processes. This is the secret of success that takes place in our production halls. Find out what we can produce and provide in our “technology park”.

"Technology and Equipment"

Research and Development

An internal team of designers and programmers,

Utilizing SolidWorks for part and tool design,

Moldex3D for mold flow simulations,

SolidCAM software.

CNC Machining

3-5 axis CNC milling (15 machines), max. part size 2600x1600x800mm,

6-axis CNC turning (2 stroke), max. part size D500x700mm,

High-speed CNC machine with graphite electrode.

EDM Machining

EDM cutting (2 Machines), max. part size 1000x550x310mm,

EDM die sinker (3 machines), max. part size 1600x800x600mm.


Surface grinding machines,

Rotary part grinding.

Laser Welding and Marking

Capabilities for laser welding, marking, and engraving parts.

Testing Molds and Mass Production of Plastic Parts

Machines up to 250t and maximum mold size 1.2×0.8m.

Measurement and Quality

3D CMM machines (3 pieces), max. part size 1500x1000x800mm,

3D laser scanning (accuracy 0.008mm),

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Services for Molds

Quick repair and modification.