Engineering services

Our comprehensive engineering services, from design through consultations to the details of manufacturability, are integral to projects from our production. Entrust your mold production to experts who will ensure feasibility studies, mold flow analysis, or reverse engineering services.

"We can assess whether the product from the mold will meet the parameters you require."

Engineering Services from A to Z

Comprehensive Engineering Services

We ensure quality and efficient production

As part of our extensive engineering services related to mold, product design, and the actual part, we design and simulate the most efficient production method. Based on your documentation, we will create a mold model, including an analysis of its construction. As part of the engineering process, we consult the design to eliminate unexpected complications and ensure the outcome meets your expectations. With professional software and our engineers’ experience, we identify potential critical points during the mold design phase that could increase mold or part production costs later.

Engineering Step-by-Step

We discuss your requirements

Based on the initial information and documentation, we gather all necessary data to ensure comprehensive steps for producing injection molds for plastics, carbon molds, or even unique products.

We Create a Mold Design

Engineers will use CAD systems to develop the mold’s structure and design. This process will determine the final geometry of the injection, composite, or prototype mold and include solutions for the injection system (for injection molds), cooling, and other essential details.

We Simulate Mold Production

To optimize and make the production of parts as efficient as possible, we use modeling and simulation software to create a predictive model of production. This process allows us to identify potential production issues.

We Select Suitable Materials

Our team of experienced professionals compiles comprehensive construction requirements for the final mold. The process includes selecting suitable materials that ensure the mold is durable while guaranteeing efficient production through materials with a high thermal conductivity index.

We Address Cooling and Deformations

Our engineers make complex calculations for fill speed and pressure during injection to ensure that part production is sufficiently fast. We also design cooling schemes for the mold that are efficient enough for smooth operation. We monitor and analyze potential part deformations.

We Finalize the Design for Production and Instructions

The final step includes comprehensive mold production documentation, including instructions for its use. In addition to the finely tuned tool—the mold—we provide our clients with detailed instructions on how to work with it to achieve efficient production of the desired parts.

"Manufacturing the mold is one part of the process. We go a step further. We're also interested in the production of the part itself."

Feasibility Study for Production

Feasibility & mold flow analysis

of products, as well as injection molds and carbon molds. The feasibility study helps us define whether a part is manufacturable and identifies the most optimal technologies for its production. This step in our engineering services can optimize the production design, saving time and costs associated with part production.

The feasibility of production includes a mold flow analysis. The process allows us to predict problems, minimize waste, and improve the efficiency of the entire process. It deals with the mold’s process feasibility, addressing injection, cooling, stresses, deformations, and production cycles.

"We can design a product as close to a real, existing one as possible."

From Reality to Virtual Form and Back

Reverse Engineering

Using a laser 3D scanner and CMM devices, part of our measuring laboratory, we convert an actual product, part, or component into a virtual form. We achieve the most detailed 3D model of the real object by converting the output from the laser scanner (so-called cloud of points) combined with proven approaches to reverse engineering and supported by CAD systems in the hands of our experts.

The process allows us to ensure the production of missing parts or components or even replacement parts despite the lack of project or production documentation.

What Can We Produce?

Injection Molds

We manufacture plastic injection molding molds, including single-cavity or efficient multi-cavity molds, high runners, molds for technical plastics, and visual parts with a high gloss effect. We can produce injection molds using waste-free technology or by creating recyclable waste for smaller series of products. Our product portfolio even includes multicompartment molds for products requiring a combination of surfaces, materials, etc.

Prototype Molds

We can ensure the production of prototype molds according to your requirements, for example, small-scale production, intermediate part production, pilot trial mold production, or verification of product parameters.

Carbon Molds

Our specialty is producing molds for composites. In a comprehensive range, we can cover the related services for carbon part mold production, sample creation from the mold, and even final production in cooperation with the R&D COMPOSITE division.

Fixture Production

We are happy to provide measuring fixtures for evaluating critical parameters in part production, post-process fixtures for the final production phase, and special vibration, light, and similar fixtures as part of our services.

Engineering Products

We provide production and related services for a wide range of products. Examples include tools, components and parts, devices, spare parts, robotics, or parts for the automotive and other industries.