Plastic Injection Molds

We produce molds for plastic injection from engineering and feasibility studies to warranty and post-warranty service. We save you time and costs on the mold’s production, maintenance, and modification.

"We care not only about the mold's top quality but also about the product that comes from the mold."

Single-Cavity Plastic Injection Molds

Simple plastic injection molds with a single cavity inject plastic materials into various areas of industrial production. They are suitable for prototype production, smaller series, and parts that are simple in design. The advantages are lower mold production costs, more manageable maintenance or repair, and high-quality parts due to the more straightforward mold design.

Multi-Cavity Molds for Plastic Injection

Multi-cavity molds are the ideal solution for high-volume production of plastic parts. The mold design with multiple cavities makes obtaining various products from a single mold in one cycle possible. We use multi-cavity molds to produce so-called high-runner products, emphasizing minimizing production costs and time efficiency.

Molds for Technical Plastics

Technical plastics have specific properties, making them part of many final products. Examples include mechanical resistance, wear resistance, conductivity, or resistance to low/high temperatures. These are so-called engineering plastics without any special surface treatment.

Molds for Visual Parts

Thanks to unique technologies, we can produce molds for visual parts in high gloss–polished molds for optical parts (e.g., LED lighting, headlights, and light guides)—or visual parts with a final surface finish, known as graining. If necessary, we coordinate this with approved suppliers. Our technologies even allow us to produce molds that combine both versions.

As one of the few companies in Slovakia

We produce dua and multi-component molds

Molds for producing multi-component plastics are more challenging in design and production. Thanks to modern technologies and know-how, we are one of the few manufacturers in Slovakia capable of ensuring a mold that combines, for example, two or more different plastic materials, resulting in a single integral product. This results in molds for products with different material colors, varying hardness in separate parts, or other properties requiring a combination of materials/surfaces/production processes.

Technologies we use for producing dual and multi-component molds:

  • rotary table press,
  • index table in the mold,
  • robot transfer,
  • additional injection unit at the face of the mold, etc.

"We manufacture injection molds up to 7 tons, with or without waste."

Injection Systems into Molds


Waste-free injection molding technologies

In the case of hot runners, the process involves heating the plastic until it enters the injection mold cavity. By two methods, you can achieve more complex and less financially demanding waste-free plastic injection technology in our production. The more challenging technology of gate sealing is known as needle closure technology, where the injection point is not visible. Alternatively, the economically less expensive torpedo technology leaves traces of the injection point.

Injection molding technologies with waste

Cold runners fall under waste technology. Heated plastic travels from the press and enters the cold manifold, where it cools down. Although this injection molding technology generates waste, it can be reused and recycled. The advantage is the lower financial requirement for production. Waste injection molding technologies are the right choice for smaller series of products.

"In addition to manufacturing the mold and providing pressing technology, we also ensure the production of parts by pressing."

Material Types

We can design suitable coatings and apply them

We work with various materials, from tool steels to powder metallurgy. By coating, we increase the lifespan of the mold and can improve its properties, such as wear resistance, lower adhesion, etc. We can use materials with a high thermal conductivity index (high performance) on all types of molds, reducing cycle time.

Types of coatings and heat treatments:

  • plasma nitriding,
  • duplex variant titanium,
  • DLC coating to reduce adhesion,
  • and various coatings suitable for the food industry and other industries.

"At R&D MOLD MACHINING, we care not just about mold production. Along with the mold, you gain the assurance that your product will be as you envisioned."

Services for Mold Production

Feasibility of Production

With our years of experience and know-how from hundreds of produced molds, we can assess the feasibility of the product already in the pre-production phase of the mold. We can enhance the design through feasibility studies and other engineering services and recommend more efficient production and cost-reduction solutions. We can determine which technology to choose so that the product from the mold meets your expectations.

Mold Flow Analysis

Mold flow simulation (mold analysis) defines all necessary parameters to adhere to your production plan. It can also reveal several potential process and production problems before the start of mold production in areas such as part deformation after demolding, part fillability, cold joints, venting, etc. Using input data (expected annual product quantity, product size, type, and thickness of plastic, etc.), we can efficiently calculate the cycle time, find the most suitable technology, and determine how many cavity molds you will need to meet your production plan.

Measuring Laboratory

We verify the mold parameters produced for plastic injection in our measuring laboratory. Thus, you have the assurance that the mold conforms to the project documentation. The measuring laboratory is part of verifying all critical parameters, even those of the part from the mold.


To verify the mold in practice, we conduct a control production of the part under our management. The sampling process is entirely under the control of project management. Suppose you are looking for a comprehensive solution and do not want to carry out part production with another supplier or do not have the capacity. In that case, we are happy to ensure the actual plastic pressing ourselves.

Mold Usage Manual

We also include the most important thing with the mold – a manual for its use. With complete technological parameters of injection, you can immediately start producing parts without wasting time on testing and increasing costs for initial production.

Spare Parts and Components

The delivery of the mold continues our cooperation. R&D MOLD MACHINING is a reliable partner throughout the entire lifespan of the plastic injection mold. We can provide components, spare parts, or mold assemblies if needed. So your production can continue smoothly without significant losses and time delays. Additionally, you can turn to us if you need modification or maintenance of the mold.