Fixture Production

We manufacture special measuring fixtures that facilitate the process of measuring, testing, and evaluating plastic and composite parts. For fine-tuning details on a product or its modification, we manufacture post-process fixtures tailored to specific needs.

"We manufacture fixtures that support the technology of serial production and special purposes."

Types of Fixtures

Measuring Fixtures

Measuring fixtures are standard in the automotive industry. They offer an alternative to measuring, testing, and evaluating plastic parts produced by injection molding and composites. Instead of technologically, personnel, and financially demanding procedures in specialized measuring laboratories (with CMM technology), a measuring fixture evaluates critical parameters essential for product quality verification, allowing production to progress confidently.

Post-process Fixtures

Post-process fixtures help ensure the quality, appearance, and performance of products produced by injection molding or composite production technologies. They are used in numerous industrial and manufacturing sectors and include modifications and improvements to the product after the production phase has ended. We manufacture various fixtures for CNC machining, cutting fixtures, bonding fixtures (so-called bonding), assembly fixtures, welding fixtures, etc.

Fixtures for Special Purposes

Fixtures for particular purposes require specific technical properties, parameters, or functions. They can meet specific demands necessary for use in areas where standard equipment is not applicable. We can produce vibration fixtures, light fixtures, laboratory equipment, fixtures for medical, military, and aerospace purposes, and more.

We Verify and Set Up Measuring Fixtures

We ensure the MSA of fixtures and their calibration

MSA (Measurement System Analysis) is an analytical assessment of the accuracy and reliability of measuring fixtures, in other words, proof of their capability and functionality. Through MSA, we release fixtures into production and also provide their detailed setup using calibration.

Verifying the measuring fixture through various levels of MSA standards assures that the fixture will reliably measure critical product parameters, thereby reducing the risk of production errors.

"At R&D MOLD MACHINING, fixture production does not end. Your production will run thanks to MSA, fixture verification, and available service smoothly."

Services for Fixtures

Fixture Design

Based on our years of experience and know-how, we design a fixture that leads to the final tuning or measurement of necessary parameters. We can assess which technology to choose through feasibility studies and other engineering services, ensuring the fixture is adequate for individual needs.

Fixture Production

Within our technological capabilities, we comprehensively produce measuring or special fixtures. Our specialized teams work closely together so you ultimately receive a reliable measuring fixture with comprehensive technology, saving costs and time on measuring, testing, and evaluating products.

Assembly and Verification of the Fixture

After creating a measuring, post-process, or special fixture, we also provide its professional assembly and verify the entire product adjustment/measurement process. This correctness test ensures that the measuring fixture measures parameters without deviations.

Fixture Usage Manual

We also include the most important thing with the fixture—a manual for its use. It details how to place the product in the fixture, its repeatability of measurement, and maintenance. The manual also describes activities the metrologist needs to perform for a comprehensive measure.

Spare Components, Adjustment, and Maintenance

Delivery of the fixture continues beyond our cooperation. R&D MOLD MACHINING is a reliable partner throughout the fixture’s lifespan. If needed, we provide components, spare parts, warranty and post-warranty service, and recalibration.