Prototype Molds for Plastic Injection

Prototype molds save you time and money multiple times over. At R&D MOLD MACHINING, we are ready to provide you with all necessary services for rapid part development and swiftly achieved results.

"Thanks to the prototype mold, we can produce parts more efficiently without unnecessary costs."

Using Prototype Molds for Plastic Injection

Production of Small Quantities of Parts

A prototype mold is often a more advantageous solution for producing smaller runs than a series injection mold. Compared to high-performance injection molds, prototype mold production is less costly since, at R&D MOLD MACHINING, we can replace more complex production technologies with simpler ones. Another factor favoring prototype molds for producing smaller quantities of parts is the production time.

Verification of Part Parameters

Prototype molds for plastic injection are an ideal solution when it’s necessary to verify specific part parameters before series production. Examples include obtaining castings to verify part dimensions or their assembly capability and confirming that the part has suitable parameters for further construction or another complex product. With a prototype mold, you can most efficiently obtain parts for which you do not require 100% quality, for example, for testing purposes.

Production of Intermediate Parts

Prototype molds are also used to fine-tune individual details on a complex production line. They serve you until replaced by a high-output high, runner injection mold, whose production is more time-consuming and financially demanding. While ensuring the most efficient part production using an accurate multi-cavity mold, the prototype mold for plastic injection provides you with an immediate replacement at minimal production costs.

Pilot Mold Production

A pilot mold is a welcome intermediate step for comprehensively verifying the final injection mold production and its feasibility. It allows for fine-tuning even the most minor details (in case of debatable or uncertain production points). Hence, the final injection mold achieves outputs according to expectations and technical documentation. You can use the pilot mold as a spare part in actual production. This backup is thus a lifeline to prevent complete production stoppage in case of complications with the series injection mold.

"We use less demanding technologies for prototype production, thus reducing both time and costs of mold production."

Maximizing Cost and Time Savings

We produce inserts for a universal mold frame

At R&D MOLD MACHINING, we go even further to save you mold production costs. Shape inserts for a universal mold frame are an even more efficient version of prototype molds. The universal mold frame, which already contains all necessary components for cooling, ejection, and other processes, is a fixed part of the mold. We create and fit a unique shape insert into it and adapt the gating to the mold. This way, purchasing a complete injection or even a prototype mold is unnecessary, but only the mold insert. This solution offers, for example, the possibility of producing several modifications of the part or its sections (rounded edges, stronger parts, thinner walls, etc.). However, certain production limitations depend on the size of the final parts.

"At R&D MOLD MACHINING, we always recommend the most suitable solution to achieve the product according to your requirements."

Services for Prototype Mold Production

Feasibility of Production

Based on our years of experience and know-how from hundreds of produced molds, we can assess the feasibility of the product already in the pre-production phase of the mold. We can enhance the design through feasibility studies and other engineering services and recommend solutions, leading to more efficient production and cost reduction. We can determine which technology to choose so that the product from the mold meets your expectations.

Mold Flow Analysis

Mold flow simulation (mold analysis) defines all necessary parameters to adhere to your production plan. It can also reveal several potential process and production problems before the start of mold production in areas such as part deformation after demolding, part fallibility, cold joints, venting, etc. Using input data (expected annual product quantity, product size, type, and thickness of plastic, etc.), we can efficiently calculate the cycle time, find the most suitable technology, and determine how many cavity molds you will need to meet your production plan.

Measuring Laboratory

We verify the mold parameters produced for plastic injection in our measuring laboratory. Thus, you have the assurance that the mold conforms to the project documentation. The measuring laboratory is part of verifying all critical parameters, even those of the part from the mold.


To verify the mold in practice, we conduct a control production of the part under our management. The sampling process is entirely under the control of project management. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution, do not want to carry out part production with another supplier, or do not have your capacities, we are happy to ensure the actual plastic pressing ourselves.

Mold Usage Manual

We also include the most important thing with the mold – a manual for its use. With complete technological parameters of injection, you can immediately start producing parts without wasting time on testing and increasing costs for initial production.

Spare Parts and Components

The delivery of the mold continues our cooperation. R&D MOLD MACHINING is a reliable partner throughout the entire lifespan of the plastic injection mold. We can provide components, spare parts, or even spare mold assemblies if needed. So your production can continue smoothly without significant losses and time delays. Additionally, you can turn to us if you need modification or maintenance of the mold.