Mold production

There is always more behind the production of every mold than just a piece of metal or composite prepared for production. At R&D MOLD, we know this. That’s why mold production for us starts with a handshake and ends with a quality product in your hands. Everything in between is a story under our direction.

"Through excellently set project management, we'll guide you through the entire mold production process step by step."

What does mold production include?

We Determine Requirements

Every mold or product has its own story. To write it with a successful conclusion, we need initial information. We will thoroughly analyze the documentation and all input requirements, communicate them, and mutually decide if we will proceed to further collaboration.

We Verify if the Part/Product is Feasible

Making a mold is one thing. Another, equally if not more important, is the feasibility study. Feasibility is a crucial step that goes beyond mere mold production. With it, we determine if we can turn requirements into reality. Thus, whether the mold allows for the smooth extraction of the part or product determines its parameters and ultimate functionality.

We Design the Mold

The mold design is again a unique result of the work of our engineering teams. Thanks to their expertise and experience, we can recommend solutions that save you time and costs during production. For verification, we can quickly produce a prototype mold or provide comprehensive services for composite production (from molding to manufacturing the parts themselves). We communicate every critical point with you with an eye toward efficient solutions with the most suitable processes.

Specialized Production

The production capacities and technologies we use for mold and engineering product production are among the best in Slovakia. The latest machine equipment, efficient production processes, and know-how ensure we bring every project to a successful conclusion. Part of the production process includes verifying product parameters in our measuring center. We can even easily create unique measuring fixtures for repeated measurements of parts directly in production, ensuring control of the required product parameters.

We Provide Instructions for Use

The product itself – whether a mold or a fixture – is not all you receive at the end of the project. We go a step further. We’ll detail how to use the mold or fixture to facilitate your subsequent production. The methodology eliminates potential production issues or the need for numerous unnecessary trial outputs.

We Adjust and Repair the Mold

Even after our collaboration ends, our doors are always open to you. For instance, if you need to adjust the mold further or address its maintenance due to wear. The same applies in the event of unexpected problems with mold damage, where our teams will find the fastest way to repair the mold and try to find a replacement solution that won’t completely halt your production.

"Behind mold production lies a process that includes steps before and after. It combines our know-how, specialized technologies, and well-set processes."

Why entrust us with mold production?

We handle production comprehensively

Connecting services and technologies

We have specialized equipment

We deploy teams of experts

We look for efficient solutions

We adhere to the plan and deadlines

"Mold production involves endless calculations, always unique designs, detailed simulations, dozens of tests, measurements, and engineers ready to find the most efficient solution."

That's Why We Are Trusted

What Can We Produce?

Injection Molds

We manufacture plastic injection molding molds, including single-cavity or efficient multi-cavity molds, high runners, molds for technical plastics, and visual parts with a high gloss effect. We can produce injection molds using waste-free technology or by creating recyclable waste for smaller series of products. Our product portfolio even includes multicompartment molds for products requiring a combination of surfaces, materials, etc.

Prototype Molds

We can ensure the production of prototype molds according to your requirements, for example, small-scale production, intermediate part production, pilot trial mold production, or verification of product parameters.

Carbon Molds

Our specialty is producing molds for composites. In a comprehensive range, we can cover the related services for carbon part mold production, sample creation from the mold, and even final production in cooperation with the R&D COMPOSITE division.

Fixture Production

We are happy to provide measuring fixtures for evaluating critical parameters in part production, post-process fixtures for the final production phase, and special vibration, light, and similar fixtures as part of our services.

Engineering Products

We provide production and related services for a wide range of products. Examples include tools, components and parts, devices, spare parts, robotics, or parts for the automotive and other industries.