Molds for Carbon Part Production

We specialize in molds to produce parts from carbon or fiberglass. Unique in Slovakia and Central Europe, we can manufacture the mold, provide samples, and produce the carbon parts themselves.

"We ensure the production of molds for composite parts from the medical to the aerospace industry."

Types of Carbon Molds

Molds for Producing Composites from Carbon and Glass Fibers

Molds designed for producing composites with carbon and glass fibers are specific, especially in their concept. Therefore, due to the diversity of applications of the resulting parts, we use materials such as aluminum, duralumin, technical wood, or technical plastics for mold production.

Carbon Molds for Producing Carbon Parts

An alternative for producing carbon parts is molds, whose main construction element is carbon. Thanks to carbon’s specific properties, we can eliminate the mold and part’s thermal expansion and associated issues. Since carbon expands negligibly under temperature influence, these molds are ideal for large-sized carbon products.
Unique in Slovakia and Central Europe

We produce carbon molds, samples, and final composite parts

At R&D MOLD MACHINING, we have all the necessary technological equipment, know-how, and experience to provide comprehensive services from mold production to the production of the composite parts themselves. Our specialized teams, from experienced engineers in the design stage through lamination experts to process and production specialists, ensure you don’t need to handle production with an external supplier.

After sampling and testing the mold in our measuring laboratory, thanks to the detailed manual of each mold from our workshop, you can start producing composites in the R&D COMPOSITE division.

"We manufacture molds for composite parts with maximum dimensions of 2.5 m x 1.8 m."

Composite Production Technologies

Molds for Composites

AUTOCLAVE Technology

Composite materials produced by AUTOCLAVE technology are specific to the aerospace and automotive industries and other areas, emphasizing durable mechanical properties and part surface quality. This part of the production process involves a combination of high temperature and pressure. To achieve the desired surface finish of the part, we modify molds, for example, to high gloss. The R&D COMPOSITE division handles comprehensive part production.

Molds for Composites


PRESS MOLDING is a specific technology for producing composite materials (carbon, glass) using high pressure in the part production process. Therefore, we manufacture molds from materials such as steel or aluminum. This method produces parts that are less demanding visually but achieve high structural strength through this technology. The R&D COMPOSITE division handles comprehensive part production.

Molds for Composites

RTM Technology

RTM – Resin Transfer Molding is the third commonly used technology for producing composites. In this case, high pressure is used in combination with resin injection. The material from which we manufacture the mold for making composites by RTM technology must resist reaction with these elements. The production is suitable for a more extensive series of parts. The R&D COMPOSITE division handles comprehensive part production.