LC60Dx is the premium model in the LC line of laser scanners, as it sets new accuracy and productivity standards by tripling today’s common scan rates. it scans nearly all material surfaces at rates never achievable in the past, without requiring manual sensor adjustment.

  • Premium performance CMM scanner for every inspection job
  • Gain full geometric insights from the 3D representation of the entire part
  • Benefit from the unique capability to measure soft and fragile surfaces
  • Increase the capacity of your CMM’s and floor space
  • Run any kind of analysis on the digital copy, even building virtual prototypes instead of expensive physical prototypes


  • 3D digitizing with high detail and speed
  • Complex surfaces (composites, blades, impellers, medical devices, etc)
  • Features (Slot, holes, studs, etc)
  • Portable / Fixed CMM scanning applications

Available since March 2017